Echo of the Boom

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“A brave, funny, articulate new voice.”— Bethanne Patrick, Washingtonian Magazine, “Top 10 Books for April 2014”

“Neely-Cohen’s first novel… which kicks off with epigraphs quoting both the Book of Revelation and Spoon, is definitely the real thing.”—Jason Diamond, Flavorwire, “10 Must-Read Books for April”

“Striking… a coming-of-age story about finding meaning in our technologically advanced world as the end grows near… a character-driven tale of the apocalypse.”—Sonya Lovy, Foreword Review

"A book that's hard to put down... The online world plays a big part here, and there are elements that will please readers of William Gibson." —Tobias Carroll, Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Selected Essays and Non-Fiction

Terminal Green for Ssense

The Chromatic Trip for BOMB Magazine

How Philadelphia Destroyed The Greatest Skate Spot Ever Made for Buzzfeed READER

NBA Twitter is Changing the Way We Watch Sports for The New Republic

Brand Anorexia for Los Angeles Review of Books

War Without Tears for Offworld

Everybody's Doing It for The New Inquiry

Appetite for Risk: At the Intersection of Video Games and Literature for The Millions


CultureHub Residency — The creation of a visual poetry synthesizer

PRISM: Stories Through Light — A holographic storytelling event

Drone Poetry feat. Rhiannon McGavin and Arabelle Sicardi

Echo of the Boom Gamejam — A collaborative experiment involving my first novel

There Came An Echo (Executive Producer) — A video game entirely controlled by the player's voice

Failsafe (Executive Producer) — An adventure game in development with GameOverLA